Come And Join The Reagan Marathon With Us

Race Type


This race is considered the regular marathon that is recommended for most people both beginners and more experienced people. You will be going through the entire length of the marathon.


This is a very unique race type that we recommend for people who want to have fun with their friends while getting a very good exercise. Just like any other race, this one also is quite challenging.


As you might have guessed by the name, this is only a half marathon and it is mostly used by elderly people or beginners who don’t think they can take on the full marathon.


You can easily guess by the name of this race that it is not for the weak people. You must be in good shape if you want to finish this race because it will definitely be a hard one.


This race type is a little bit more advanced than the full race because it involves a slightly different course that will test your endurance.

Running Tour

Is a race that requires all contestants to run the full course of the marathon without a break. This is recommended for people who are more advanced and had previous experience with marathons.

Find Your Race

Just because one of your friends is taking on the extreme race, it doesn’t mean that you also have to go with them. We strongly recommend that you always find the best race for you because it very often happens that people are not able to finish their race because it is too challenging for them. If this is your first time, you definitely need to take it lightly, even if you think you are in a good shape.

Apply Online

If you are not sure where to apply for this marathon, then you came to the right place. The easiest way to apply would be online. All you have to do is answer some basic question about yourself and you will be a part of the race. The application shouldn’t take you more than five minutes, so we recommend you do it now.

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