In this article, we wanted to talk about something that is very important to us because without it we wouldn’t be able to create this event. That’s right, we want to talk about the sponsors and the organizations that are actually very helpful. As mentioned, the Reagan Marathon wouldn’t exist if there were no sponsors who helped out organize this great race. Every little bit helps, some of these sponsors are helping out financially and some are just providing their products to the contestants during the race. If you want to find out more about these great sponsors or even if you want to help out yourself, then continue reading this article and you will find everything that you need.

Academy (Sports + Outdoors)

This is one of the first companies who decided to help us out and organize this marathon, so we have to mention them. If you haven’t heard about Academy, then you definitely should go and check them out. They are a sport-oriented clothing company and they have a huge variety of sports outfits that you might like. In case you need some outfit that you want to wear for the marathon that will allow you to run without any issues, then visit their website and find yourself the perfect outfit.

Eastside Medical Center

Having a sponsor such as this one is a huge help because they are making sure that everyone who is participating in this marathon is healthy. If something happens to you during the race, you trip and fall which happens very often or even if you start feeling sick, they will be there to make sure that you get the best medical treatment right on the spot. There are quite a lot of elderly people who want to participate in marathons such as this, but they are concerned about their health, well, you don’t have to worry about anything if you come to Reagans Marathon because we have some of the best medical help. It is always better to be ready because you never know what might happen.


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